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[18 Jan 2005|10:24am]
[ mood | Hello there! ]

Hey hey! Just thought that I'd drop by 'n say hi to whoever reads this msg.

I'm a Pisces whose rising sign is a Scorpio! I've been in Vancouver, Canada for around three 'n half years but haven't gotten myself an English name yet coz I don't like the one that my mom was about to give to me; perhaps I might get myself one when I'm 19 years of age so that I don't have to have a legal guardian to allow me to do so! Hum... what else should I say?! Well, if u are really interested in meeting and knowing new members, I believe that u've already moved ur fingers and clicked on my user info. after reading this msg.

However, just wanna make as many friends as possible... now that I'm in the zone which I might meet those who might have same interests as mine... then why not give it a try, eh?!

Last but not least,... have urself a nice day, won't u?!


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Mercury aspects [13 Aug 2004|03:20pm]

Hello all ^_^

Lately, I've noticed that my expressed opinions are being taken the wrong way... I know that Mercury has just turned retrograde, but I feel like I've been having this for much longer. ^^;

I don't have many aspects to my Mercury; it's in Cancer, conjunct Mars, Quincunx Saturn and Quincunx my MC/Midheaven. Mercury was retrograde at the time of my birth, also.

I was wondering if anyone here can relate, and has any similar aspects to their Mercury? I wondered if perhaps Saturn negatively aspecting Mercury would mean that expression of thoughts and opinions had consequences...

That didn't make an awful lot of sense (damn Mercury!), thanks in advance ^_~
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Hello ^_^ [07 Aug 2004|12:44pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hello! It's just occured to me that I joined and never posted an introductory post ^-^

I'm Shelley, and I grew up with Astrology. My Mother is an Astrologer, so it's been present throughout my life and I find it helps me better understand people and their differences to myself and to others. I feel Astrology helps enhance tolerance for other people, as it involves the study of what makes them different, and what in their chart makes them like and dislike certain things/people. I also find it's great to use as a psychological study too (seeing what makes people tick, lol.)

Alot of self analyzation geos into my study of Astrology - I feel the best way to understand what different placements and aspects can indicate is to examine my own personality to see how it applies. It also helps me understand alot about myself ^-^

I think theres always something to learn about Astrology. you can always discover something new, or look at an aspect from an angle you have never before considered. No-one can ever fully "know" the planets in their entirity (unless they can see into the future!) and I think that's why I find it so appealing - theres no end to what you can learn.

OK, perhaps I have babbled long enough. Hope I didn't bore you all ^^

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introductions aside :) [27 May 2004|10:17pm]

[ mood | curious ]

hello! i'm glad to have found this community! i'm kristen...i'm 23 and a pisces. i would call myself an intermediate astrologer. i used to write charts and study astro all the time, but i haven't for a few years and i'm just now getting back into it. i'm working on a chart right now, and i've never done compatability before. can someone give me a resource, or maybe some thoughts on these 2 charts together?
tony and kristenCollapse )
there's so many aspects i don't know where to start...i don't even think i can see them all! thanks!

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Chart Dispositor [07 Mar 2004|05:16pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

First off, because I am foreign I was taught astrology in a foreign language - so sometimes I may have problems with terms used in the field in english. I will start off at a very basic level, so everyone understands that views this page. Nonetheless, this is no light reading. Eventually my site will support terminology, and function as knowledge base.

On to the subject:
A chart dispositor is a planet that 'rules' your chart. The energy tends to influence the rest of your chart's behaviour(s) - (influencing other planets). The chart dispositor can be recognized by looking at the sign on your ASCENDANT. If you want to find out what your ASC-sign is, you can go to AstroDienst and calculate your own chart.

My own chart dispositor is Saturn. So all the features of Saturn are strongly visible in my personality. A more serious nature, reserved, disciplined than for instance Jupiter as the chart dispositor. It's a part of establishing a general overview of the radix (official term for birth chart) before going into detail.

But where it really gets interesting is watching your dispositor progress through time on your birth chart. This is called a 'transit or transition'. Saturn is usually feared by many because his keywords are not as happy and jolly as his counterpart Jupiter. In transition, when Saturn makes connections to your birth planets I have found that Saturnal people have less severe consequences if the transition itself is hard to cope with (for instance Transiting Saturn opposite Ascendant). Sometimes even, having beneficiary effects for the one born under it. The other way around I have found that for instance a person with a Jupiter chart dispositor will not react well to Saturn transitions/ have more painful situations coming at them.

I've never seen "yes, the dispositor needs to be specifically watched when making estimates in 'forecasting'" being spelled out in any astrology literature, but by watching transitions on my chart as the Saturnal entity and watching someone elses as the Jupiterian entity - this concept strongly comes forward.

Now, what if your chart dispositor is Mars (Aries on the ASC)? Mars is a fast transiting planet. My logic tells me that the effects of transitions are minimized for the idea/concept I just came up with. BUT! And here's where secundary directions come into my theory! A 'direction' in an astrological sense is another way to 'forecast'. There are a couple of types, but basically it's one day = one year. The exact meaning and the way you calculate it, I will leave behind. The only thing you need to know is that Mars is much slower in secundary direction. I will try and research if the secundary directions have the same behaviour on someone as transitions of the slower planets.
Note: Also known as Secundary Progression.

This is the concept in a nutshell:
Your chart dispositor does not only rub off on your character, it makes it easier to cope with it's energy when transiting/progressing. You are 'better equipped': to grab a chance, to keep your head above water, to enjoy.

If you calculate your own chart and find out your chart dispositor at AstroDienst you will see transitions in the 'forecast' area. If your dispositor is either Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto and is involved in heavy transitions you are now able to think about this concept. Feel free to post entries/ comments on this issue.

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Welcome (introductory post) [07 Mar 2004|03:11pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello everyone that comes across this page:)

If you haven't done so, please read this LJ's user info page. In any case, I hope this community will get some members soon. I am your ever so friendly mod and fellow LJ'er argentumfeles. Please feel free to take a look at my personal journal as well.

If the community description is exactly what you were looking for, PLEASE, do join. Every journey begins with a single step, or in this case, a single member:)

In the following days I will be tweaking this livejournal for your viewing pleasure. Plus, as long as I'm talking to myself here, I'll probably be using this community to post some interesting astrological concepts.

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