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Spiritual Liberation Front: Astrology

Spiritual Liberation Front: Astrology

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All, please note that this is a serious community dedicated to the practising of astrology. You may join this community if you:
1. Practise astrology yourself (beginners/intermediates/professionals)
2. Are interested in practising, and want to know where to start and have support/ communication/opinions of others that practise.

If you do not belong in the two categories above, please join other communities that have a more 'basic' approach!

About the founder of this community:
I'm female, from the Netherlands, and I'm currently 22 years of age. I have been practising astrology for 8 years. Yes, I started very young. I'm experienced in almost any type of astrology, so I am very capable to support my members if we have a lot of starters.

I am intentionally creating an internationally oriented community, so please do not post in any other language than english.