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Hello ^_^

Hello! It's just occured to me that I joined and never posted an introductory post ^-^

I'm Shelley, and I grew up with Astrology. My Mother is an Astrologer, so it's been present throughout my life and I find it helps me better understand people and their differences to myself and to others. I feel Astrology helps enhance tolerance for other people, as it involves the study of what makes them different, and what in their chart makes them like and dislike certain things/people. I also find it's great to use as a psychological study too (seeing what makes people tick, lol.)

Alot of self analyzation geos into my study of Astrology - I feel the best way to understand what different placements and aspects can indicate is to examine my own personality to see how it applies. It also helps me understand alot about myself ^-^

I think theres always something to learn about Astrology. you can always discover something new, or look at an aspect from an angle you have never before considered. No-one can ever fully "know" the planets in their entirity (unless they can see into the future!) and I think that's why I find it so appealing - theres no end to what you can learn.

OK, perhaps I have babbled long enough. Hope I didn't bore you all ^^
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